velvet express: New Music

scott damellFor the three people who ever came to this site, I apologize for the lack of activity. Music has sort of sucked the past couple months, so I lacked proper fodder for any posts. However, I have scoured a few sites lately and let's just say my faith in humanity has been restored.

Enjoy the new stuff and, as always, an oldie you should blare loud enough to make old people's teeth pop out.

"Sequestered In Memphis" - The Hold Steady

"Song For" - Earlimart

"January" - Ravens & Chimes

"Gobbledigook" - Sigur Rós

"In Step" - Girl Talk

"Black & Gold" - Sam Sparro

"Leviathan, Bound" - Shearwater

"Paint a Face" - Neil Halsted

"Ease Back" - Amos Lee

"Just Like Heaven" - The Watson Twins

So Velvety Smooth Classic:

"Coming Right Along" - The Posies (1993)


grant said...

well, it's about damn time. i already know a few bands you're promoting here.

absolutely blaring frightened rabbit recently.

CS said...

Neil Halstead? You do know what band he was in right?

5 said...

holy sh*t. i have comments?

kristie said...

nice - I like the watson twins, although they are eerily similar to the twins in The Shining